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We’re working on a new picture store so you can browse our photographs from the archives and buy them to keep forever. In the meantime you can still order Guernsey Press images by calling 240280 or emailing

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Ordering your pictures

When you order glossy prints you can choose to have them delivered to your door, collect them from our reception at Braye Road or, if it's easier, we can email
a digital version straight to your inbox.


1. Reference number and published date

Please have the photograph reference number available which is published alongside images in the newspaper
or the date and page it was published in the newspaper.


2. Size, price and quantity

Please choose a size (more options available upon request)


6" x 4" photo £5, plus £1.50 postage

5" x 7" photo £6, plus £1.50 postage

6" x 8" photo £7, plus £1.60 postage

8" x 10" photo £10, plus £2.50 postage

16" x 12" photo £26, plus £3 postage

Digital copy £10

3. Order it

Call 240240 or email
to place your order

Thanks for your patience while we build the new site.

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